the tree is known by its fruit

the tree is known by its fruit
With allusion to MATTHEW xii. 33 (AV) The tree is known by his fruit.

1528 W. TYNDALE Obedience of Christian Man 88v Judge the tre by his frute, and not by his leves.

1597–8 SHAKESPEARE Henry IV, Pt. 1 II. iv. 414 If then the tree may be known by the fruit..there is virtue in that Falstaff.

1670 J. RAY English Proverbs 11 A tree is known by the fruit, and not by the leaves.

1896 J. A. FROUDE Council of Trent iv. Lutherans said the tree is known by its fruit. Teach a pure faith, and abuses will disappear.

1928 D. H. LAWRENCE Lady Chatterley’s Lover iv. The mental life..[is] rooted in spite and envy... Ye shall know the tree by its fruit.

1955 S. N. GHOSE Flame of Forest I. 15 ‘I never judge a man by his mask.’ ‘A tree should be judged by its fruits,’ Myna responded.

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